The Reputation Economy Review


Life in the Reputation Economy is everything but simple. There was a time when your reputation was built on what YOU actually said, did, or did not do.

In The Reputation Economy Micheal Fertik describes how your reputation is determined by your digital clicks intentional and unintentional. Your reputation and integrity are both determined by who you follow on social media, what posts you like, comment on, and what ads you click.
Michael Fertik explains the current and developing technology that allows all digital information to be stored, filed, shared and analyzed. The results then place you in categories in order to better Market to you, learn your patterns and behaviors, and determine if you are a valid candidate for a job or housing. 

"...because of the growth of digital reputation, your reputation may be more valuable than cash currency." (pg.6)

I appreciated that the book opened my eyes to the power of social media. The consequence of a simple like or follow. Reputation Economy also offers ideas to help navigate the evolving digital world. It offers insight on repairing a tainted digital reputation, and reminded me of the market expansion it creates for those seeking to do business online.
The Reputation Economy should be read by all people using the internet in big and small ways. All young people opening their first social media accounts and college students should be required to read this book. I can't say it would stop all regretful posts from being published however, it certainly will minimize the frequency.
The Reputation economy is not a quick easy read but the wealth of knowledge is certainly worth the time.
" the end of the day the best reputation management strategy is simply to earn it by bringing more value to your employer and your customers, treating others well, and being socially and environmentally responsible." (pg.216)

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