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I love when something otherwise known for foolishness can be redeemed for good. I read an article by an other homeschooling mom and realized that many other homeschoolers use YouTube to supplement their lessons. You definitely have to be careful with YouTube because the ads and suggested videos are not allows appropriate for children. However, you can also go to this part of  Youtube and find a variety of education videos Divided by learning stages. History, science, Physics, art just about anything you can think of is there.On my other blog, I  post several videos and lessons for my children there. Click here If you want to get an idea of  how I use the you tube videos.

The other great Home School or Education resource is of course Pinterest! Do a search for the topic or grade you need crafts or science projects for and you will find so many incredible ideas.
Here is my Home school Pin Board to get you started or would like to follow.
I also have a Classical Conversations Board for the current cycle we are working on.

Any Homeschoolers or teachers have other free online Educational resources you use?
Please share.

Thanks for stopping by remember to never stop learning.

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Takei Inspired said...

This is great for homeschooling because we actually use some Youtube videos in the classroom to enhance learning/teaching. Using videos is awesome it diversifies the instructional delivery method.

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