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By this point of the New Year people have started to fall off with their weight loss programs and diet plans.Everyone says they plan on getting in shape, losing weight getting on a budget etc etc. but
Most of the time we don't really act on those goals because we are actually content in our "mess".

Other times we don't move forward with our goals because we don't know where to start.
If your stuck in your goal for better overall physical health and fitness I have a suggestion to get you started.

Number One. Make an assessment.

Are you really out of shape, eating poorly and NEED to lose weight OR are you caught up in the cultural hype that women need to always struggle with wanting to be thinner.

If you assess that you do in fact need to be in better shape.
Then take the step towards creating an exercise plan and a better nutritional plan for yourself.

I recently discovered a incredible down to earth Fitness Youtuber and I had to share.

I love her get real, motivational videos and simple to follow and understand workout plans . If you need some encouragement and a little nudge to keep you going watch this short video and subscribe to her emails. Its kinda like having a personal trainer!
You can find MarC on Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Happy Healthy Journey to you all. and  Your Welcome!

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Anonymous said...

This is an eye opener. I am starting to come into a slump when it comes to my fitness goals already. This may be this kick in the pants I need.

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