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Hello Friends,
It's been a long while since I've published anything on this blog. I have missed it greatly. If  you have thought of  me and waited for pictures of my crochet creations please come see me on Instagram! I post pictures there often. I am still working on finding the balance between The online world and offline life. Right now offline life has the most of my time and attention. The Homeschooling aspect has the most of my time. I share some of the work we do on my other blog. Please Visit me there, just click here. If you have really truly missed hearing from me drop me an email I am quick to respond. mukweto (at) gmail (dot) com.

I also want to share with you an online event, a  MOM series to be exact. Shannon of  Little Kids Grow is sharing how other moms do what they do. The interviews and giveaways all start in October. Guess what? Yours truly will be featured there! Please take a minute and see all that Shannon has on her mommy motivating and sewing blog.

Offline I am going to be selling my handmade items at an event locally and I've been crocheting late nights for that. I will post pictures on Instagram of the event and a few of the items  leading up to the show.

Till next time,


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