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I remember as a child I had to wear glasses and hated it! That was when children always laughed at the one with glasses. Kids with glasses were called four eyes and other foolish things. Anyone remember that?

Fast forward to present day and glasses are a trendy accessory.  It's interesting because we are that same generation that hated glasses back then and now we go out of our way to wear them. 
I guess we live and learn and realize the four eyed people rock! 

Well this this four eyed rocker was asked to try some glasses and I was thrilled  about the opportunity. I wasted no time, got on it and tried them out. Within a few days I received my free pair of Firmoo Glasses and I love it! I even took pictures of myself in them! ( It's rare that I take pictures of myself.)

You can get a pair for yourself just keep reading and I will let you know How.
At Firmoo you can get prescription glasses, fashion glasses, sunglasses and even safety goggles. With Summer pretty much here, I will be shopping for a pair of sunglasses and they offer a wide variety of those as well. 
Now its your turn to get a free pair or maybe get one for someone you know who needs some new glasses.
You can try a free pair of Firmoo glasses and see what you think. I am pretty sure that you will love them.
Head over to firmoo and get your new frames! You get to pick the frame shape, color etc and of course enter your prescription if you have one.

Till next time protect those eyes.


Abbi said...

This is something to keep in mind for the next time my daughter needs glasses. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Clay said...

You look good in those glasses!

Allyson Bossie said...

These are really cute glasses on your, and of course, the price seems very right!

Karen Curtis said...

These glasses definitely work for you! Firmoo offers great options so you really can't go wrong.


Colette S said...

Oh yes I remember those days. Painful days I might add. Kids are constant in their behaviour eh.

I want a cute frame, but my eyes need a strong prescription, so not sure I could get the cute one I desire.

Maybe if I was a celeb :) With $$$

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