Wednesday Word: Endurance


In high school I ran track, hurdles to be exact. Don't worry about googling me, I wasn't number one in the state nor did I break any records. I did however learn how to endure and push my body when I wanted to give up. No whining. No complaining. If we did either we ran more.

I remember before track season started we had a period of conditioning. During conditioning we ran, and ran and ran for a ridiculous amount of time and distances. I would not classify that time as fun. But they were purposeful .

Our coach knew exactly what he was doing. He was building up the stamina in our legs, lungs and minds. During the conditioning period the coach just wanted us to run and not give up. Simple enough right?

Not always!

What I noticed is that  our wise coach could always tell when a persons legs or mind were wearing down and he would start to jog alongside the weary person chanting.." you can do it" "don't give up" "almost there" "state champ" etc.. instantly encouraging the mind. 
Our coach always said, "If your mind believes you will achieve".

lesson 1:Conditioning strengthened the body and the mind.

After some time the long runs decreased. We moved on to sprinting, and event specific work outs. The enthusiastic coach stood and observed every aspect of our hurdling and one by one corrected details about our execution. Details we overlooked like hand placement,  head placement, step counting etc. They seemed minor but had a large impact.

It is the same in life. There are some seasons that are like conditioning. When the days seem long, the waiting won't end and the trials are hard. You can trust God, he knows what he is doing. These seasons are purposeful and not in vain.

lesson 2:Don't give up. Endure because your life will be richer for it.

Eventually you will move into a specific calling in your life. Where you have a more focused purpose. Purhapse what you were waiting for has come. That will be a great moment because you know you endured, pressed forward and waited. That developed you.

The best thing about life is you don't have to develop on your own. God is here. 
God in his wisdom and sovereignty walks with you through the conditioning seasons of life. 
He wants you to depend on him and call on his name when you want to give up. (its even better if you call on him from the start) ^_^

When you call on him he is there saying, "cast your cares on me", " I have a plan for your life", " I created you for my glory" etc.. So do not give up.

Difficult season will come. There is joy in them. Endure and the joy  harvest will come.

Have you experienced a recent harvest? 

Till next time. 
Be careful what you are putting in, in the harvest season  it will come out.


Allyson Bossie said...

I believe we all have things we must endure so that the good times look even better in our eyes. IF we always had great times, we wouldn't truly appreciate them.

I believe the best thing we can show our kids is how to cry when it hurts, yet how to dry those tears, keep on, and make the best of every situation.

Unknown said...

This is a great post. Endurance is important and really helps you get places in life.

I remember those conditioning days in high school. I was in volleyball and we ran a lot too.

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

Mudpiesandtiaras said...

Track is such a great sport! I hope our kids want to do it too


I love you analogy of life to track training. It's rather close. We are going through training. And sometimes we don't like what we are in. Sometimes it is hard. But there is always our Father there supporting us and guiding us through it all.

Sofia said...

I need to learn about endurance. I could use some some days.

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