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You don't realize what you don't know until.... So here is the deal with me and glue.
Most of the time if I need to glue something, I use whatever glue we have on hand. I never really put much thought into the glue being appropriate for the task. Shame on me! 
Here is guide I found to bring me out of my glue ignorance. Maybe someone else out there can use this to.

Design Sponge

The Detail on this dress is fabulous. I am not sure but I believe this bride made the dress herself!
The Picture Perfect Wedding

 Just because you can not leave the house or afford a babysitter It does not mean date nights can not happen. Check out this suggested list of date night movies at home.
My Home Sweet Home
 More Date Night Goodies...
Inspired by Family Mag

Because holidays are always a little sweeter with a craft
The Craft Chicks
 I love the colors of these Pin Cushions and the pattern is pretty simple.
LuLu Loves

That's all folks!
Till Next time.

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Amber said...

That wedding gown is amazing! And I love those pincushions! They would make such cute little gifts for the sewists I know!

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