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My closet needed some reviving and Testing these No nonsense leggings jump started that process. I like fashion but I don't like tacky, loud or cumbersome trends. No matter the occasion what I wear has to be pratical, flattering and non hazardous to me or those around me.
In other words nothing that can trip me or poke an eye out. :) I've always enjoyed playing with clothes by trying on different styles and colors. But I have to admit four children later I don't get to play in clothes as much as I would like. Unless I am doing laundry and that is just not the same. Children or no children when go out of the house I try to take the oppurtunity to add a little color to my ensemble and bring the playfulness back in to getting dressed.
When I was asked to test some No nonsense leggings and tights I was thrilled to be able to add something so pratical to my wardrobe. These are two different looks I put together using the items I was able to test drive.
The first outfit was made using the No nonsense leggings. The leggings are excellent. I like that they are sturdy and provide a little support. They are also warm and comfortable no itchy fabric no feeling every wind that blows. A very versatile addition to any wardrobe.

"Simple Everyday Leggings" by mukweto on Polyvore

The second Ensemble was created with Date nights in mind. With winter fully here these black Opaque tights did the trick. I do not have to compromise a great outfit just because it is cold outside. These tights allowed for a great look and superb comfort.

"No nonsense TIghts" by mukweto on Polyvore
Not Only are these flattering, and comfortable but they are also very affordable. To top it off they can be found in drug stores and Mass retail stores. We can get our looks for less. Practical and Easy to find. WHOOP!!!
You can locate a store near you just click the link No nonsense tights and leggings
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Andrea Kruse said...

Love the colors!! That is exactly what I need to add a little fun into my wardrobe ... and update my old pieces. Have you worn them? How do they hold up?

J a c q u e l i n e M u k w e t o said...

I did wear them and love them. I have had them for a month and so far so good no runs no holes

Marina@EBMR said...

Those look very durable. I must keep an eye out for them!


I have tried those out and I really like the new design tights! They are much more comfortable than I remember tights used to be.

amy2blessings said...

I love how they can be used many different ways. Great post:)

Melissa Tiffany said...

I love the outfits you out together! And I especially love the heels!
I will be checking these out as it is right in the middle of our cold PA winter!

Mama to 4 said...

Love the dress, it reminds me of Katherine Hepburn!

Kristin Wheeler said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing!! The colors are great!

TerinAleah said...

I love the colors and design! :)

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