Day 6: Dreams and Expectations


I read somewhere that women apologize too much. We also regret too much, doubt ourselves to often, and get worked up about things that are not and will never be in our control.
Today I am thinking about the area of life goals, dreams and expectations.

This is where many women get weighed down and discouraged. But when we have gratitude and right thinking as a part of our tool kit we no longer have to be weighed down and doubtful. So lets talk about...

Dreams and Goals
We all have things we have always wanted to do. The way we wanted our life story to go. 

Very Few people have life turn out exactly as they dreamed it would. 
For most of us it does not, we have a few unexpected obstacles along the way.
If we are not intentional about our attitude, these obstacles can cause us to stop dreaming. Don't let it
Be grateful for challenges and even disappointments. Learn from them. 
Allow them to grow your gratitude muscle.

So Keep dreaming.
Dreams are good. Obstacles are to. 
Never stop dreaming.  Go after your Dream.
Write them down so they can go from Dream, to Goal, to Reality.
Just Remember to evaluate and reevaluate them. 
Life happens, We grow and change. 
The dream can change as well. 
It does not mean you failed. Don't apologize.
Jump in, rinse repeat if needed.

We all should have a standard or expectation for most things in life. 
Where we get messed up is when we force our standards and expectations on others.
When it comes to marriage for example, a really fast way to feel dissatisfied and ungrateful is to have a whole bunch of high fanciful expectations for your spouse. AND expect them to meet them all, 100 percent of the time. That is a sure formula for disaster! 
That can apply to almost any relationship you will have in this life.

So it seems friends we need to learn to let go of the need for constant control.

Today's gateway to gratitude and  joy... simply enjoy the gifts life's journey brings. AND learning to let go. Let go of the need for constant control. Letting go of regrets. Letting go of things we can not control.

Expectations and Dreams are great but don't allow them to dictate your gratefulness and joy if they are not met.

Remember Choose Gratitude.


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