Day 5: Don't Fake it Till You Make it


Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months or seasons where you are in a funk? Everything just seems blahhhh your unmotivated , lacking focus and unhappy? 
Next thing you know you find yourself complaining and forgetting all the wonderful people you're thankful for and the precious life you have. 
What can we do to get out of the Slump ? 
This is extremely simplified but its a place to start...

  • No need to pretend nothings wrong. Acknowledge it , write it down, say it out loud to yourself see if it sounds as overwhelming out loud. (whatever works)  but pin point what exactly has you down. If its 10 things write them all down. ( You might find they all have one common root). 
  • Once you've acknowledged it don't keep repeating it. This is often the hardest part. We want to tell our friends, our spouse who ever will listen all of our irritations over and over and over. Don't do it.
  • Lets say you figure out what the root issue is and its more than you can handle. Hey, that's okay ask for help.
  • For me that meant Praying. Asking God for wisdom on how move forward, asking for courage to act, and grace in the journey forward 
  • If you aren't at a place where you feel you can pray. Talk to a trusted friend or family. I have even asked friends to pray with and/or for me. The point is we can not carry all of our heartaches alone. Share it with someone you trust and that can help move you forward. 
  • Some cloudy moments are simple to fix and you just need to get up, shower singing loudly, and dress for the kind of day you want to have. Bam!  I admit some days I am right here.
  • Other times it's much much deeper and will require a little more renewing of your heart and mind. It will involve removing the lies you are believing about yourself and your circumstance by replacing them with truth that heals and restores. 
  • Talk about all the blessings in your life. Speaking differently alone can lighten the burden on your back and carry you to a place of gratitude
I highly recommend reading this book. Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them free.
Till next time Choose joy, Talk about your blessings, watch your life transform.


Rebekah said...

I am dealing with this right now. I am pregnant with my first child, and the exhaustion and unmotivation are very hard for me to deal with. I feel like I can't get anything done and then I feel guilty about it. It has gotten a little better the last few weeks, but I agree... sometimes you've got to act motivated to become motivated.

Mama Luvs Books said...

Sounds like a very motivational book!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This sounds like wonderful advice!

Unknown said...

These are great tips. I can see how they would be very helpful when you are in a slump or facing hard times. I'll definitely have to keep them and this book in mind.j

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

Alaina Bullock said...

I am dealing with this right now and have been since my dad died in July. Thank you for some great advice, and it is so nice to see that others get the same way. I know it bites, but at least we are not alone in it!

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