Day 4: Slay the Comparison Monster


The number killer of Gratitude, Joy, and Happiness in ALL people is COMPARISON. It's a monster! And You have to slay the comparison monster. Seriously don't ride on it and think you can control it, It has a tail that will whip around and destroy you. Don't play with comparison, Don't feed comparison. Just kill that monster and walk away. Better yet RrrrrrUuunnnnN!!
Comparing yourself to others leads to lack of productivity, discontentment, negativity, and for most  depression.

I'm pretty sure You don't want or need that.

The problem is we compare our day to day routine with everyone's highlighted achievements. Stop the madness friends! 
because... its not a fair comparison. 
Second you really can't see the full journey a person is on and what it has cost them to get where they are.
Everyone has obstacles and hurts even those with the big smiles and great success. 

Remember to...appreciate your journey... be diligent with your goals, your work, your faith... focus on your growth and be proactive about it.... your harvest will come. Don't try to carbon copy another individuals life, spouse, personality or body. You are on this earth for a purpose uniquely your own. The only common purpose you may have with an other person is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. ^_^

My challenge to you, to myself and my children is to not compare ourselves others . When you admire someones success or  achievement  Praise Them. Don't envy them.

Everyone has times when strength fades, courage is small and hope is lost, When that happens to me, I Cling to...

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6 

There is a good work happening in me. It will be made complete. You can have that hope as well.
Till next time be Courageous.


Melissa Pezza said...

I compare myself to others constantly!! This is a good post to read!!!

The Attic Girl Site said...

You are so right. Thanks for that reminder!

Dee said...

Its SOOO hard not to compare!!!

Karen Curtis said...

I did a similar post recently. It is so easily to slip in to Comparison Monster mode. I try to use the unique gifts God gave me...still finding those out each year! I also try to look at others and let them know what is amazing and unique about them.


LaSandra said...

OH! Great post! I have been thinking about this lately as well and trying to focus on contentment, not regret or comparison. Its not easy, but its a must if you are going to stay peaceful! Thank you for the reminder!

Amanda T said...

I agree, I always am comparing. I need to work on it!

Icar said...

Great post! I can almost relate, I have been dealing with some personal stuff lately and that is because of comparing myself to others and thinking only of myself, which is very selfish. I am on the process towards it...

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