Day 3: Enjoy the season


Imagine with me...
A Young mom in the Mega Walmart store with a 3 year old, 2 year old and a new born. 
The 3 year old takes off running displaying amazing speed and agility, the new born is awakened by the mother shouting "stop" at the 3 year old and the 2 year old opening a package of food in the cart and eating it. 

So now one child is out of sight but not out of mind. The other is eating food that is not paid for nor was it put in the cart by the mother. The new born is screaming causing the nursing mother to leak creating wet circles on mothers shirt. What feels like hours later the 3 year old is found. The young mom is happy, sad, overwhelmed and wet! 

At the register an older women says, "Enjoy these babies, they are beautiful, your so blessed.  it will all go by so fast".

yes i was that mom
In that moment I did not feel blessed nor did I think my three year old running off was beautiful. But those words were just what I needed to hear.

Having Children

I was in the middle of life It was a hard moment. I wanted to feel sorry for myself, I wanted to frown and be sad. But this women helped pull me out of the slump. She saw the beauty all around me. She knew I was living the good old days and she did not want me to miss it.
I am so grateful for people like that sweet women.

Truth is we don't always have sweet people following us around saying sweet things to remind us to enjoy the season. So I have to remind myself daily to live each moment choosing gratitude.

So today's challenge
We stop feeling sorry for ourselves.
We look around and find someone to bless.
We Live life today and walk through all the messes it brings, it will be the joyful memories of tomorrow.

If the season of life your in right now is difficult and you can not find beauty in it. Be encouraged that it will not last for eternity. Journal and write during your difficult or pleasant season. 
It will be bless you later to read it.

Thank you for visiting today. 
Enjoy the season of Life you are in.


Dee said...

Such a great post - perfect reminder!

Mama Luvs Books said...

It's very true though!! I MISS my kids when they were younger. I know it doesn't seem it at the time but you will treasure these moments and their ages.

Heather McDougle said...

Thanks for that wonderful reminder. I have had moments like that in the store but I have to remember I am blessed. My kids are so beautiful and sweet and grow up too fast.

The Attic Girl Site said...

It's hard sometimes to see the blessings when we are dealing with stress and busyness. So nice to have a stranger change your mood like that. It's a good reminder for myself too.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I so loved reading this today! Thank you!

Kim Croisant said...

I so don't see how women do it. Though I'm older and I'm going through menopause right now, raising my grandson is HARD, tiresome and trying...but I wouldn't have it any other way!! I love that saying and needed to hear it too.

Melissa Pezza said...

I absolutely loved reading this post. I needed it after today!

J a c q u e l i n e M u k w e t o said...

Thank you for stopping by Melissa I am glad this post blessed you.

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