What are you making?


I regularly get asked  the question," What are you making?"
Sometimes I tell the kids or husband what I'm making and.......
Other times I say, "you'll have to wait and see"!
Now I'm finished and everyone can see. ^_^
Here is what my hands have been able to finish this past week.

This Beret Hat is a pattern Test I did for Le Hair Couture ,  I used Knit Picks Yarn.

Above is a top made using a basic granny square. A  few modifications were made but I mostly followed 
the tutorial by Pardon my Chaos. It's so easy to make and can be finished in a day or two. I think that Next time I'll make a solid color top.

More granny Love! This everyday bag is made using a Large Granny Square. I lined it with fabric by Anna Maria Horner .
That's all for this weeks crochet adventures.
It's pretty neat to see what can be made with the basic granny square!
I update pictures more often on Facebook come over and say hello, Give suggestions, and join the journey.


Muireann said...

The bag looks lovely, I must see if I can try something similar! I love the color of the hat, really pretty.

J a c q u e l i n e M u k w e t o said...

Thank you Muireann! I hope you do try making the bag.

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