5 Simple ways to Waste Not


When we have an abundance of things we often take them for granted. It's part of the human flaw. One of the ways we show we are taking things for granted is in the way we waste.

It's important that we remember make the most of life, relationships and resources now.
During times of abundance it is easy to neglect our resources, be wasteful and/or excessive.
A resource often wasted and taken for granted is food...

When you see food wasted, do those who have nothing ever come to mind? 
This is NOT a guilt trip, NO! Because we can't possibly know and go feed every hungry person but we can make sure we do our part in making the most of our resources. 

I'm sure you can think of ways you have seen food wasted so I won't list them here.
I will however list a few ways we can all minimize the amount of food wasting we do. 
Think of it as green living without having to buy extra gadgets.

1. Eat up your food before buying more.

2. Buy Fresh Food

3.Freeze Food you are unable to use right away

4. Create a Menu

5. Share your food. Have people over or take a meal to someone.

Do you appreciate what you have while it is still here, or only after it's gone?
How do you keep from excessive wasting of food in your home?
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Rhonda Parrish said...

Wasted food is one of my husband's biggest pet peeves. Every week we make a menu and shop for what we need to make the things on it. We try to have as much ingredient overlap as possible (without getting boring) to make sure we eat up everything we buy before it goes bad.

Some weeks we're better than others, but we're always making the attempt.

~ Rhonda Parrish

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