R for Real Running


I started Running again.
And I hate it, I mean its really hard!
In high school I ran track.
I ran hurdles.
I wasn't great.
but I ran. I ran often. 
It kept me in shape for Cheerleading.
When Cheering was gone I kept running.
It was part of my healing.
I wasn't healthy.
I was hurting.
Running became my therapy.
It was my time to think.
It was my time to cry.
It was my time to pray.
It was healing me.
I use to really love running. 
Then God.
When God took over. 
He healed me.
I started loving him more.
I no longer needed running.
Running Faded.
Life happened.
I gave birth.
Not once.
Not twice.
4 times.
Now I need to run for new reasons.
4 precious  reasons.
Now, I am healthy spiritually, and mentally.
But the physical needs to catch up.
So I'm running again.
I don't love it.
but its for my good.
That's my running story.
I am no longer running from my pain.
I'm running to my Savior.
I am  healed.
The Glory is God's alone.

I added this to Five Minute Friday.


iSavortheWeekend said...

You go girl!! ;)

Jeremy Bates said...

I used to run a lot as well. It was a great way to stay in shape and get the endorphins buzzing. Eventually, I grew tired of it and stopped. Now I only run to the store, to the bank and to the mall...by car. lol

You're right, though, it's a good time to get in touch with oneself and God.

Traci Michele said...

This was so great! I ran my first 5K 2 years ago and I've since had my 3rd child and I went out to run.... eh hum...jog..... Okay, mostly WALK hhaahaa it was so hard but I know that each little bit will get me running a 5K again!

Love your blog and your writing ! Amen for your beautiful testimony!

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