O for Operation


Operation as in Operation get healthy!

I am amazed at the human body. From giving birth, to the incredible functions of the eye, and the ability to fight disease. The body is just amazing!!

On the quest for better health habits I noticed something. It was not new to me but I noticed that everything about the human life is connected. The better you eat, sleep, think, speak, live and move the healthier you become physically, mentally, sexually etc.

It's amazing and very simple. Get healthy in one area and you start to see your whole life gets better.

Here are a few things I found that are good for the health of Hair, body, skin, and mind.

Avocado's good to eat and to apply.
-They promote hair growth, good for thinning hair
- helps prevent aging symptoms
-boots immune system
-good for the skin
-helps battle diabetes 

I mean wow! this one food can do all that!? I didn't even mention ALL the health benefits.
So maybe you are not impress with the skills that Avocado has. Or maybe you think they are disgusting. If that's you I have more.

Here is another healthy habit that is good for the entire body.

Getting Plenty of Sleep.
-Keeps your mentally Alert
-Helps with Stress management
-Helps with weight loss

Drinking Plenty of Water
-Great for your bodies overall function
-Great for joints
-Promotes healthy hair
-keeps the mind alert

Exercising regularly
-Great for the Mood
-Helps with stress management
-Great for the body
-Good part of a healthy hair regime (who would have thought)

I have not even gone deep with the all the benefits out there to being healthy. But with just this small list it looks worth it to me to get and stay on the healthy track!
What about you?
Are you staying healthy?

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