Jump, Kick, Live, Moo


Hello My Friends. I have not abandoned the A to Z challenge. 
I am still all in. I am going to JUMP over J and move straight to K.
Kick is for kick. As in Kick off your shoes. Spring is here and the weather is great but our  hard wood floors are still cold. So I have been making slippers for the family. When they come home they kick off their shoes and put on some slippers.

L is for Live.
I saw this quote some where. It said something like," Live and blog, don't blog to live"
That is what I like to do. I live first and share from my experiences. So sometimes this blog will have silent periods. During those periods know that I am raising children, Investing in marriage, connecting with friends, taking pictures, and making cool things to share with you!

M is for Moo
I got some cards in the mail from MOO.com. YAY!!!! They are great in every way. Sturdy , great picture quality, eco-friendly paper and fast delivery. I really like how they turned out! ( and no they are not paying me to say that) They are really good!

Till Next time...

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