A is for: Answers to Children's questions


Can you think of a task you were given that terribly overwhelmed you with fear and yet joyful anticipation?

For me the task/mission was motherhood. Let me know if you can relate.
I believe all Children are the most precious gifts and a great responsibility.
Motherhood can be extremely overwhelming. Specifically the responsibility of filling their inquisitive minds with the things they will need to be wise, virtuous, men and women of integrity. 

Children (the gifts) make the journey fulfilling, humbling, joyous and humorous. They often guide the journey with simply profound questions. My only task is to give them truthful Answers. These are just a sampling of  the wonderful questions I get to Answer.

Some Questions they thought about for a while before asking like:
·Mommy if smoking is so bad why do they sell cigarettes?
I said -Because often people are more concerned with gaining money then helping others. And you have to remember no one forces anyone to buy the cigarettes.
·Mommy how does person X have a baby without a husband?
that answer could be a blog post in itself

 Some are sweet and easy like:
·Mommy I have no money for a present do you want me for Christmas?
·When you get to heaven can you text me and let me know if they have toys up there?

Yet others I did not think I would have to discuss just yet like:
·Why do some people not like brown people?
·What does sexy mean?

How would you Answer these questions for Children under age 9?
Have you ever had a child ask you a question that left you speechless?
Love to hear it!


Jackie Briere said...

Those are the hardest questions to answer but the most important.

AmberChanelle said...

I'm not a mother,but I know that sometimes the questions I ask myself leave my mind boggled. Especially those questions that come when you want to go to sleep but your mind has other plans. But I'm like you, I just strive to be completely honest with myself, as you do with your children and pray for the best :)

Linda said...

Love your first A-Z post and yes I can relate although my "children" are 31, 30, and 27. Have a precious grandson who will begin to ask some of those questions. Totally enjoy your approach to the A. Come on over a visit me: www.whitsendhome.blogspot.com. See you soon. . .
Oh, and I took French in high school and still love the language - though speaking it is beyond my abilities.

Dazediva said...

Such a fab post and so deep when you really get down to thinking about it. I don't have any kids of my own; but I do have over a dozen nieces & nephews from both sides of my extended family and they can be a handful.

I do try to be as honest as I can (without traumatizing them) when they come up to me with their 'questions'.

'Why do some people not like brown people' ? My answer would be 'because those people think that brown people are different to them; what they don't realize is that all people are the same on the inside; and if we were also all the same on the outside then the world would be a boring place.'

Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking forward to the rest of your posts :)

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