B is for Bi%$# !


B is for female dog? Yes, this is a funny story about kids and the words they hear. 

I'm not really sure what we were doing on this particular day, but I am pretty sure we were going about are usual duties around the home. 

The flow was stopped when One of my children asked my husband, 
"Dad, What's a Bitch?"
Taken off guard because we don't use this language he responds, "Where did you hear that word?"
Child: " One of the kids outside called his sister a B-"
Husband: "Ok, Well that is the term for a female dog. And It's also used by some people in a hurtful way to name call, curse or belittle someone."

The child thinking he just expanded his vocabulary 
Child: So next time I see uncle Andrew's dog Maggie, Can I say, "Hi little B-" "come here little B-"
Husband: (temporarily speechless and holding back laughter)

I can't remember if we laughed right there or later but it was a funny teachable moment. Never a dull day as parents of four. Hope this brought a little laughter to your day!

The lesson we attempted to teach and Remember is this:

From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.James 3:10 


Dazediva said...

LMAO ! That's classic !!
Here little b*tch - sit, roll over ! LOL
I can imagine your hubbys' expression to be quite priceless!

The Hopeful Romantic said...

Woah! I don't have kids yet but i am guessing that would fall into my 'hope I don't have to have that conversation any time soon' category.

Love the reference at the end of the post !

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh this made me crack up! Kids say the funniest things. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Hahaha! Thanks, I sure needed a good laugh!

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