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Vintage Gwen is a stay at home mom to a handsome 2 year old boy, she is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, baker, crafter, makeup and music lover and as of last  February a blogger! 

Gwen entered blog land searching for 1st Birthday party ideas and discovered a whole new world! And much like a lot of other bloggin' lovelies she thought "I could do that!"

At Vintage Gwen you will find things she makes and things she likes...The Best of Gwen! It's all about inspiration! 

Gwen says,"I'm truly amazed at all the inspiration there is and enjoy all of the creativity we share with each other!"

There is currently a giveaway happening on at Vintage Gwen visit her and enter this handmade giveaway.

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Jennifer said...

Hey! This is great!! Thanks girl!

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