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Hi Chez Mukweto Readers!
I've been asked  what is Mukweto. or I have been emailed and called Chez.
I figured I should go ahead and explain the name I selected for my blog. :) 
Chez in french is  "at someone's place" as in "at Mukweto's Place"
Chez is not my first name.  Mukweto However is part of my name. 
To keep things simple If you email or leave a comment you can call me Jacqueline, My first name.
As soon as I figure out how to spell out Mukweto the way it is pronounced... i will post it.That way you can also say  it should you ever need to...Deal?! Deal! awesome.... 

Welcome to my Place '_'

Today's picture for the  Craft photo Challenge is a picture of my craft room, where  I work out my inspiration.
Honestly,  Crochet can be done anywhere, so sometimes my work is done elsewhere.
Places like  the park or  the sofa.
But this is where everything is kept.
Can you tell I have not been sewing much. The machine is covered.
You see my walls. I have to confess:  I totally invented Pinterest. (kinda) 
My Freshmen year in college I covered every inch of my dorm room walls with magazine photo's I liked.  So I came up with pinterest a little right?...

I have my own crazy pin walls...
This picture below is  the Other side of my Studio...

I have pictures, quotes, things to remember posted on the walls.
The 8x10 pictures were done by Easy Canvas Prints and they are amazing!
They are in my room until I find a better place to hang them.

My room is a simple but useful little space. 
My children and husband all like to hang out in there with crafting is a family affair.

My daughter once told me that she was knitted in my craft room. 
When I asked her what she was talking about, 
she said, " You know the bible says God knitted me your room, your craft room!"
I got a good laugh.

Psalms 139:13Actually says,
"For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother's womb.

I guess room and womb can sound alike to a 4 year old.

Hope  you enjoyed seeing my space of peaceful Chaos.

My next project is all about the boys!
I will share next time, or come visit me on Facebook
like my page and view the latest project for the boys it's perfect for Easter!

Have a wonderful day!
See you on Facebook.


Marilyn said...

LOVE this.. Super cuuute craft room. I adore all the photo's and clippings.. Totally inspiring.. Can I re-pin some of your pins..? Would LOVE to craft with you sometime.. : ))

Priscilla said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You just brought me back to your dorm room!!!! When it was wall to wall awesome pictures!!! It always grabbed peoples attention. Love your craft room, I'm coveting after it actually :)


J a c q u e l i n e M u k w e t o said...

Re- Pin and Pin as much as you would like from my page. Thanks!

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