B l o g L o v i n g!!!


Are You BLOG L O V I N G!?!

If you can answer yes to any of these questions you just might be BLOG LOVING!!

Ever wanted to know what your reader’s thought of your blog?
Ever wondered what readers think of your blog layout? appearance? content?
I do!

I wonder what you would like to see more of, what you would like to see change, even how often you would like to see a new post. 

Well there are many other bloggers wondering the sames things. So we are teaming up and doing some Blog Loving.

NOW is a great time with the new year in full swing to BE IN THE KNOW and I thought  why not simply COME OUT AND ASK YOU!!!!

What's Your Take On It..?

I am co-hosting this awesome series 'Blog Loving' with some lovely ladies

** The Lovely Blogs Hosting are **

 Want to join in? 

* * * How The Series Works

1. Enter in your blog to join into the series by responding, leaving your

blog name and displaying the Blog Loving button per your own blog.

2. All blogs entering will be assigned 1 random blog to focus on and creatively review

(We will email you the blog info, you review and email back your assessments of what

you loved the most, what you think could be improved upon, and what you didn’t

like upon your visit or could be changed from a reader’s perspective)

3. As an incentive to YOUR reader's ask them to take advantage of the series,

we ask that you blog about it.

By posting, your reader's can join in the series, and give you their own recommendations!) 

The List will stay open for entry for 6days and only one entry per blog is required.

4. You wouldn’t be given any info as to who critiqued your blog. Only the hosts

will know. Everything will remain anonymous and private. 
Your email will only contain the critique from the reviewers respective.

5. TO help us all gain awareness, each of us will post a variety of great tips

received from assorted anonymous reviews that could help us all Maintain the best creative content, reader friendly, easily accessible information, functional and beautiful blog space.  

That’s it!
I am excited!
Are you ready?
I really look forward to learning and picking up

great blogging tips and more from ALL of you!
{Please leave your email address and blog address in the comments below.}


Marilyn said...

I am very excited about our series : )))

Lioness Rebirth said...


I wanted to stop by and personally invite you to stop by Lioness Rebirth and join in our blog hop and give-away.

I look forward to seeing you.


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