Half Double Crochet : Hdc


Welcome!  Let's jump right in!
How are you doing so far with crocheting?
For you that have been crocheting for a while are these videos a good review? 
Lovely newbies how are you liking the art of Crochet? 
I hope it is all going well both ways!
Today the Video will show how to half double crochet. 
In a written pattern a Half double crochet will be written as hdc or shown as a symbol that looks like a capitol T. 
The patterns below are very simple and excellent for beginners. Enjoy!

Crochet patterns crochet hat pattern baby bear crochet hat baby hat pattern crochet animal hat (82) newborn baby child sizes

Crochet Cowl Pattern - Loopy/Hoody Cowl Scarf (Toddler/Child and Adult Sizes)
I hope you get to try one of these incredible patterns!
Visit Crutzy Crochet for more How-to Video's.

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Anonymous said...

The bear hat is adorable! I love the paw ties :)

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