Work In Progress: Free pattern


Here is the pattern for these Crochet squares.
CH- Chain
DC- Double Crochet
TR- Treble Crochet
The first two rounds in one Color and the outside in gray.
Create your slip knot
Chain 4 join to form a ring
Round 1: Ch 3 ( this counts as DC) 11 Dc into the ring
join in 3rd Stitch of Ch
Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as a DC) (2 DC, 1 TR) all into the next DC, (1 TR, 2 DC) into the next
DC, 1DC into the next DC repeat 3 Times. Join in 3rd stitch of chain.
You should have a square with four corners.

Round 3: Ch 3 1DC in the next two DC *(2DC, 1TR) in the next Stitch (1 TR, 2 DC) in the next stitch (corner just made) 1DC into each of the next 5 Stitches. Repeat from * 3times Then 1DC into the last 2 stitches and join in the 3rd Chain. to finish the round.
 Round 4: CH 3 1 DC in the next 4 stitches *(2 DC, 1 TR) in the next stitch, (1 TR, 2DC) in the next stitch.
1 DC in the next 9 Stitches. Repeat from *3 times then 1DC in the last 4 stitches. Join in the 3rd chain to finish the round.

Round 5: CH 3 1 DC in the next 6 stitches *(2 DC, 1TR) in the next stitch (1 TR, 2 DC) in the next stitch. 1 DC in the next 13 Stitches. Repeat from * 3 more times  DC in the last 6. Join in 3rd Chain to end the round.

For my squares I used one color for first two rounds and switched colors for the remaining 3. You can also do more than 5 rounds just remember to do the (2dc.1Tr) into the treble (1 Tr 2 Dc) in the next treble combination for the corners.

Can you guess what I am working on?


Sandy said...

Afghan! Love your colors and really like your square in a square. I like how solid it is, and how warm it would be. Could you share your pattern? I'd like to suggest this one for my charity blog due to it being so solid. Here for the linky from Sandy's Space, but my charity blog if you want to check it out is Bridge and Beyond.

Looking forward to seeing your ghan progress.

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I will post the pattern this afternoon.
Thanks Sandy! :)

Natural Homeschooling Mama said...

beautiful colors! Do you sell these in an etsy store also?

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