Merry Monday: 6 Gifts


I am dedicated to buying handmade or making my holiday gifts this year. 
It's hard work but it is worth it.
 These are some of my favorite Etsy finds.  
I believe
Handmade is the best made.....

20% OFF- Etsy Black Friday-  The True Romantic Pouch - a fabric pencil case or pouch in apple green /dark greenBeauty iPhone 4 case

Aylla                Bamxoo

Crochet Green  scarf  neckwarmer lace wool Emeral epictt teamb  tpt team etsy team  HMETGreen leather bracelet double wrapped with magnetic clasp

cupcake bath fizzie - spearmintEXPRESS DELIVERY - La Isla Bonita Green Lace Shrug

Are you shopping handmade?
Do you have a handmade shop?
What are some of your favorite shops?
I would love to hear it!
*Update...Check the comments for a discount code from one of these shops!


Vital Temptation said...

Fantastic finds! Thank you for featuring my crochet scarf!

Lbtoyos said...

CHEZMUKWETO is the coupon code to get a 10% off in all jewelry items at TyssHandmadeJewelry, my shop. (I forgot)

GiaVanne said...

I have always been partial to handmade, but somehow mine have never measured up to some of the beautiful things I've seen created by others.

Taylor said...

I agree! Handmade is the best made.

MissMOE said...

Great finds and I love the green theme. My new favorite Etsy Shop is Bombshell Bling. I've ordered several gifts from there and everything is really beautiful.

Becky K. said...

Green is my favorite color, so I love your post! Off to check out the links...

meandmy2monsters said...

Love the green!!! Handmade is great and Etsy is so fun!

Marsha C said...

My goal for next year is to give all hand made by others, or by me. I have a plan to get started on it right away so I am making all year long.
I am making a few things this year, but as shameful as it sounds, I've been more concerned with making things to list in my etsy store to try to earn some money instead.
I also have bought some homemade soaps for part of my gifts. I have a good online friend (sherryslavishingsoaps) She always has such great deals and I've been buying her products for years.

Jeanee said...

Thank you for including my spearmint cupcake bath fizzie!

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