How to Crochet: Chain, Slip Stitch


Once you learn to chain you can make this!
love it!? Get one already made HERE!

I thought about all the different ways I could teach to crochet without being right there next to all of you....
I really wanted to create some Video's but turns out I can not be serious when I need to be. (and not laugh)

Naturally the next best thing is PICTURES. 

Step one: 
Slip knot you will begin all projects with a slip knot. I have seen this done a few different ways. This is how I get the knot made the fastest.

The Pictures worked for the knot, but I could not get good pictures to really show the chain technique. 

So for the chain stitch.... 
I decided to share a Video
Mikey, the man in the Video shares some great information in the beginning then he gets into the Slip knot at 6:35 on the video,  and Chain at 11:17 on the video.

He goes into great detail and I think you will find him very helpful.
I also suggest signing up for free video's on Curtzy Crochet.

Watch the video over and over again as many times as you need to and learn at your own pace.

What I decided to do is show you some simple crochet items you can make using the stitches you learn each day. 

Enjoy your Crochet journey!!!!

See you Next week for the Single Crochet Stitch!


Marilyn said...

Ok, give me a moment while I screw up your easy steps on my end.. SMH. lol.. I'm ready.. I'm going to grab my pins and let you know how I do this evening.. REALLY excited.. : ))Can't wait to journey with you through this series.. xoxo.

Imelda said...

Wow! I am so glad to meet a fellow crocheter. :-) I'll definitely follow you. :-)

Best regards,


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