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Hi Everyone!! Our journey through the basics of crochet begins today. wooo!!! hooo!!! 

I will post one or two lessons a week until all the basics of crochet are covered,
and all your crochet questions I have received are answered. 

Let's get it started!!!

First things First: supplies
The wonderful thing about crochet is it doesn't require many supplies.

Crocheting is the perfect yarn craft to learn and practice anywhere you go.

The 4 main items you will need:

Your hands

The Yarn

Sharp Scissors 

A Crochet hook 

Select a yarn that you really like, and is soft to the touch.

When you are learning you will probably be staring at this yarn for a while and manipulating it for hours so.....
I figure the yarn might as well be beautiful and gentle on your hands.

On to the not so fun but necessary info.

On every ball (skein) of yarn you buy  there is a paper wrapped around it or a tag hanging from it.The paper or the tag gives great information you need in order to make an informed decision about the yarn. 
The first thing you want to look for is the size hook recommended for the yarn you have selected. 

Many  labels look something like the picture below. 
Do you see the crochet hook? 

It is the one with the yellow back ground on the right. The single hook (shaped like a Sheppard staff). The double needles on the left side of the picture, that form an "X" are knitting needles.
For our purposes we only need to focus on the crochet hook recommendation. So If you were getting this yarn you would want to get a J-10 hook. 

Later when you are able to read patterns the pattern designer will usually tell you exactly what size hook to use and what yarn works best for that particular pattern.
But if you are completely new to crochet and you are simply learning the basic crochet stitches following the recommended hook for the yarn you like will work perfectly fine.

 In this photo you can see engraved on all these crochet hooks are the sizes. So they are very easy to find. If you are in a yarn store the associates are always willing to help you find the supplies you need.
The other thing you want to look for are these numbers on your yarn. The smaller the number the thinner the yarn. Starting out I suggest using 4 or 5. 

That's it for supplies. Pretty simple right? 
If not leave a comment below and I'm ready to help. ^_^
With all the great coupons Micheal's, A.C. Moore, etc. send out you should be able to get your supplies for right around $5 -$7 maybe even less.

I will see you next time for our first stitch lesson.

If you have any questions please leave a comment .
I would also like to know if there are any specific projects you would like to learn to make.
Till then... 

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