5 for Friday


Play along with me answer these questions...
what would you do with...

  1. An extra $1,000?  You have until the end of the day to spend it.
  2. An extra hour today?  You magically get 1 more hour than anyone else, and you can “activate” it at any point you want 
  3. Mad charming skills?  Like, you have an entire day to use them on anyone you want ;)  Your friends, family, store clerks, credit card companies  anyone!
  4. A termination letter in your hand? Like if someone fired you right now?
  5. A whole afternoon with your favorite celebrity or role model? Could be a musician, author, sports star, politician, anyone in the world you want who’s alive. You can do anything you want at all… at ALL ;) 
1. Extra $1,000 I would selfishly go shopping to Upgrade my mom uniform. (a.k.a. a mini makeover!!!)

2. An extra hour to my day...that is simple I would chose to have complete and total Silence.

3. I would use my mad charm skills on the people at Sallie Mae and get them to completely forgive my student loans.

4.  Termination letter well I would Do a happy dance!!...If the kids/husband gave me a termination notice that said, "you are no longer the cleaning lady we are now using Merry Maids!"

5. Hmmmm This is hard....One person to spend the day with? I would have to say... both Nancy Demoss and Voddie Baucham and ask them a bunch of questions about Marriage, family, and gain a little wisdom from them... and I would record it all. (whoops that was two people)

Okay your turn! You can answer in the comments, or  create a blog post!
Thanks J$ these questions are great!

Enjoy the day It won't come back!


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