Crochet Journey


Crochet is my first craft love. I started crocheting because of a need. I was a 27 year old stay at home, college mom, of 3 under age 3 and pregnant with number 4. My husband was a first year school teacher and
football coach. We lived on one income. Every single dollar had a place to be. All of or needs were always met but sometimes things like hats, gloves, scarfs, socks etc caused a pinch in the wallet. I couldn't get a full time job because I was in my last semester of school and we would be paying a hefty chunk to put all of our children in day care. So I decided to put my resourcefulness to practice and learn to make what we needed.

In 2007  my crochet journey began. My patient and super supportive husband watched as I learned to read patterns and make the kids Odd little hats and mittens. and little by little I got better. and started making baby shower gifts. (which also saved us a ton because all of our friends were starting to have babies)
The Love of crochet has grown along with my skill and now even my husband places orders for his winter and running hats. So I feel pretty cool. Now I even crocheting for my self.

I later taught myself to sew. Sewing has also been a wonderful way to save money, use children's clothing longer, and make them unique items they can proudly wear knowing that it was custom made for them. In some ways Crocheting has made me a confident women and mother. I get to be a baby making milk machine and  feel like I am making a big difference in my home, my finances, and the world.

It has been a wonderful accomplishment for me to be able to meet that need my family had, but I haven't stopped there. I've started making things to give away not just baby showers, but to charities that help others in need. I call it craft for a cause. I have listed the organizations I am currently giving to and invite you to join me. You can find that list here. Thank you for reading crochet story!

Thought to remember:
From your pain you birth your Passion.


Sylvie Créative said...

It's always a pleasure to read you Jacqueline! You can be proud of your crochet journey. Have a nice day!

Willow said...

I really enjoyed reading this! I'm no crocheter myself, but I love knitting...hopefully it will play as big of a role in my life as crocheting has in yours! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this little documentation of your journey!! I remember when you first started crafting/crocheting/sewing. When you're famous and are on TV and have books that are best sellers, I'll get to say "I knew her when..."

p.s. this is Wendy - it won't let me sign in to leave comments for some reason...odd.

amazey said...

Great story. Thanks for the list organizations you are helping!

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