Simple Summer Savings with Baking Soda


This is kinda how my time at the store plays out even though I carry a list.
Let me know if you can relate.
I go to the store for FOOD, and food alone. I plan on spending $25-$35 you know in and out just getting a few things for Dinner and some milk,eggs, flour. But when I start walking around the store, my mind starts to roll and I remember: I need Shampoo, and tub cleaner, first aid kit, dryer sheets, and toothpaste, etc.

Not realizing my cart is slowly growing.
I get to the register feeling good that I have all the basics covered,  I can go home, cook dinner, and clean my house.
Yeah...I'm feeling like a Domestic Diva... and the cashier wakes me from my fantasy and says $174.54. WHOA! WHOA! what in the world?!
I pick up my jaw, pay the lady, walk to my car to analyze the receipt surely I was doubled charged for a few things. Nope. Everything is correct.
I realized that I spend way to much money on cleaners, detergents etc and it adds up really really fast.

A while back I learned that many of those cleaners, and products are not only toxic but you do not need all of them. You can get the same results with BAKING SODA.

These are few Household items you can make with baking soda. Go Natural and Save some Green.

In the bathroom:
To clean your tub Mix Baking Soda with some of the hand Soap right there in your bathroom and scrub away. Mix it to a consistency you feel comfortable cleaning with. Even if you do not use it as your cleaner all the time it will hold you over till you can get out to get something stronger but this works well and leaves a pleasant gentle scent.

Clean your combs and brushes by soaking them overnight in a solution of 4 Quarts of water and about 5 Tablespoons of baking Soda.

To neutralize mouth odor try mixing 1 teaspoon baking soda for ever 1/2 cup water. Swish, Spit, Sweet!

Get the most out of your Shampoo by adding Baking Soda to it. Your hair will feel cleaner,softer, and shine brighter.

Baking Soda on a wet toothbrush also cleans your teeth as well or maybe better then store bought toothpaste. The taste is just hard to bare.
But if your focused on saving money now so you can live like non other later the taste might not seem so bad.

In the Laundry:
Add about a 3/4-half cup to your load during the rinse cycle and it acts as fabric softer. Or you can use vinegar in rinse cycle also acts as a fabric softener. It will remove smell and soften clothing. (don't use them together)

When you get an oil spill on clothing put baking Soda on the oil spot. Let it sit till it absorbs the oil before you wash.

To make your own powered detergent mix 1part borax with 1 part washing soda ( I have also used baking Soda) and 1 bar of shaved soap the best is Fels-Naptha.
For first time use what you have.
If you use Fels-Naptha you can also add essential oils and create your own scent. make sure to Mix it before use it. You do not need much to get your clothes clean.
Use 3 tables spoons per load (more for a really tough loud). 
Don't think its not working because your washer is not full of suds. Remember its not the bubbles that get your clothes clean. ^_^

For your body:
If you have broken out in hives, rashes, or bug bites soak in a tub of water with baking Soda.

For your sore feet do the same.

For Fires:
For small small gas, oil fires throw baking soda on the flame and make sure you keep a safe distance away. Did I mention small fires? Do not try to take out anything massive on your own with your little box of arm and hammer.

I hope this is useful to you.
Do you have any recipes for cleaning agents?
Leave a comment and share with us.


Natalia Lynn said...

This sounds great! I am gonna start using it more. I am always looking for ways to save money!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

I didnt realize how much a life savor baking soda is!

Anna said...

Those are great, thank you for sharing this post with me! I'm going to Tweet/FB it. :)


J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Thank you Anna!:)

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