My Birthday


Hello friends! The past few days have been full. Thursday June 9 was my birthday so I relaxed that day and enjoyed hanging out with my family. My birthday gift was getting a pedicure with my two daughters age 4 and 8. It was really funny, fun and needed. I think they really enjoyed themselves. One of my girls said this is the best birthday ever!
I want to share some things I have learned (and re-learned) over my little 31 years of life. 
Laugh. Enjoy. Ponder. Apply. Repeat.

1. Enjoy the day you're in...even if it's a difficult will end will not come back. One day you will look back and call it the good 'ol days.

2. When you get to the end of your self God is there. But if you are wise you will just go straight to Him.

3. You are not worthless, just unworthy.

4. Always write a thank you cards.

5. There is always going to be someone better than you, but always do your best. You are a ninja to someone.

6. Know your bible, live like you know it, store it in your heart , and share it with all your heart,

7. Speak gently, give generously.

8. Listen 90% talk 10%. You don't learn anything if you are talking.

9. Children are a blessing not a nuisance.

10. Learn from your mistakes and if your wise learn from others mistakes as well.

11. Imitate the tea kettle. When you are up to your neck in hot water. SING. Specifically songs of praise to King.

12. Be kind to unkind people. They usually need it most.

13. Develop a forgiving attitude.

14. Develop a giving attitude.

15. Eat less, Exercise more.

16. Say sorry as soon as you realize you are wrong NEVER put it off.

17. If everyone around you is annoying, inadequate, and not measuring up to your standard. Take a look at your faults and re-evaluate your standards.

18. Give Grace.

19. Pray daily.

20. Schedules are not Evil.

21. Do not envy ANYONE you do not know the cost, you do not know their journey.

22. Speak the truth, and speak it gently.

23. Don't wait till your old to boldly be yourself. Dare to be different Now.

24. Do right even when no one is looking and you will not get any credit for it.

25. It is nice to be important, but its even better to be nice.

26. Fear God. Not man.

27. Humble yourself or get humbled.

28. Gossip should not come out of your mouth, nor should it occupy your conversations.

29. The tongue is small but hard to tame.

30. Be too brave to cheat, and too brave to lie.

31. He gives and takes away Blessed be the name of the Lord.

When I was a child, I talked like a child,
I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.
When I became a man, 
I put the ways of childhood behind me.
1 Corinthians 13:11


Sylvie Créative said...

Happy Birthday Jacqueline! Nice to read your lovely and wise post.

All.Natural.Hutchesons said...

You are a wise, wise woman. No wonder your kids are prophets and prodigies :)

Arlee Bird said...

A belated happy birthday. From your list it sounds like you have learned some great things that are worth passing on to others. Thank you!

Tossing It Out

Toesthattwinkle! said...

Happy late birthday! wonderful words!

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