College Education in Pre-School


One of my favorite Home School moments are the Field Trips. Apple Orchards, Doctor offices, Museums, and Local Universities, Starbucks are all Excellent field trip destinations. The wonderful professionals in these different areas are usually very generous with their time, willing to give the children a tour, and indulge their inquisitive minds. 

We took a field trip to the local university science department and it was incredible! They learned some anatomy, saw a saltwater tank with some extraordinary fish. The two year old named most of them Nemo.

They saw birds and the skeletons of squirrels and other little animals we regularly see around town. 

We all had a blast and learned so much. With homeschooling one activity can enrich a wide range of age groups. The children all had a common memory they were able to learn from, talk about,and laugh about the entire day. And maybe a lifetime. Even the two year old learned, interacted, and asked questions.

It was also nice to not be the one doing all the teaching, Set up, and answering of questions. ^_^
 Enjoy your day!


Katie said...

We LOVE field trips to some of our local historical sites. We have several parks and old state buildings that have great displays of our states history. The kids all love going because they get to have a picnic out behind the buildings and play on the playground after, but they also learn a lot about our state!

Regina Robinson said...

I love your blog and the many helpful suggestions!

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