This is one of the sweet moments that make motherhood fun, funny, and all worth the sweat, tears and weight gain.

Some nights after Dinner we take the kids to the playground. So here is the scene.

The sun was starting to set,the kids were playing, the husband and I were looking into the horizon and just talking. The moment was perfect, almost romantic.

My oldest daughter runs up to my husband and says..

"Daddy! Look up there, is that a shooting star?
He says,
"No sweetheart that's a plane."
Disappointed she says,
"Aww man! I wished on a plane again!"
and she runs off....
We look at each other...and burst into laughter...
The moment was complete!

Psalms 127:3
Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.

What is the funniest thing you have heard a child say?


ginnysaurusrex said...

Aw I LOVE THIS. So adorable.
A WHILE ago my son (who is almost 3) wanted me to sit in his little car with him & without even really thinking I told him I couldn't because my butt was too big. lol.
SO at the library a couple of days ago he asks me if I wanted to play legos with him & I said "I'm trying to find some good books for you right now" so he asked me again & I said "No honey, not right now" to which he replied.. "Is your butt too big??" I said NO!! And he said "Yes it is."
I died.
That's the best conversation lately. haha

Sharon - grandma is a writer said...

That is such a cute comment. My grandson has come up with so many of them and I can't remember them at the moment. Yesterday he was making up songs (he's just 5) and they were all about how the glory of God came and shone upon him at night and how Jesus is the only way to be saved. I think my daughter was just going over the Easter story the other day and that must be what generated all of this. I was wishing I could have videoed him without him knowing I was doing it. :)

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I am with you there are so many times I wish I could video record the funny things that happen..like today my four year old trying to do Billy Blanks work out with me...I burnt extra calories laughing

Teacups and Tiskets said...

HI Jacqueline,
Just yesterday, my friend told me that she had been having a conversation with her 5 year old son.

She was correcting his behaviour over some incident, and he said to her, "You just don't realise what my life is like!".


Arlee Bird said...

That is hilarious! Kids say such wonderful things sometimes and they are not afraid of telling the truth when it comes to telling you what they think. I can't think of any pithy things my kids or grandkids have said, but the entertainment has been never-ending.

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