Beets, Bones, and Blogging


Did you know there are so many foods that protect your heart and strengthen you bones?

Broccoli- this wonder Bundle of Green (My youngest calls Tree's) Strengthens Bones, Protects the heart, and controls blood pressure! wow!

Bananas- Protect the heart, Quiets a cough, Strengthens the Bones, and controls blood pressure.
and if you can't get your banana open just turn it upside down push in gently at the bottom tip with your thumb and peel back it will open right up easy peasy!

Beets- Controls Blood Pressure, Strengthens bones, Protects the heart, Combats cancer, Aids in weight-loss.

With that said, Keep in mind that you should always consult your health care provider for individual advice about your health. The above are simply recommendations.

On To BLOOOO.....GGING........
So have you ever been blog hopping and wondering..... How does that blog do that feature? or how did they create a button? or how in the world is their header changing pictures?..and?..and?...and?...

Well wonder no more....
I have a little list of blogs that have free tutorials on how to P I M P out your blog.... Well don't pimp to hard...

First some little reminders about keeping your blog reader friendly....
1. Be kind to your readers and turn off the music. So You just love that Justin Bieber song but your readers might not so its best to turn off the sound. It can be scary at night (or embarrassing for those reading blogs at the office he he)  Try not to have the music come on right when readers enter your blog. BUT if you must try to have instrumental or a really really easy to find OFF button.

2.If you want more comments consider turning off the CAPTCHA word verification. You know that scrambled up code that people have to enter to leave a comment...yea... no fun.

3. Be kind to your readers and introduce yourself by creating an ABOUT ME page. (or mine is called meet mukweto)

4. Be kind to yourself and relax because blogging should be fun and you probably will not inscribe your page ranking, stats, number of followers or retweets on your tombstone. WHoop there it is!

So on to the free Blog PIMP'IN
If you want to Link a PDF to your side bar, protect your photo's, or create a banner Visit Blog Guidebook.

Do you Want to make your own seamless background, rotating header, or a blog button Visit Makin Cute Blogs.

Rather have someone else do the designing for you Visit Designer Blogs

This post was brought to you by the letter "B"

 Blessed are the merciful, 
   for they will be shown mercy. 

Matthew 5:7

Bye! Thanks for stopping by.....


Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

Liked reading your post and thanks for the links on blogging design. Thank you for stopping by at my blog!

Shelley said...

Love all the little helpful tidbits. I am with you on the music and the captcha. Hope you are having an awesome wonderful weekend.
God Bless, Shelley

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good blogging tips! And i like my healthy veggies.


Lovely to meet you through ubp. Your tips are great and practical.


Gg - Notes on the Journey #269

Michelle said...

Hopping in from Sunday's hop. Cute blog!! Have fun with your alphabet posts and thanks for the links above. Following you now!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Very cool post!

I just found you through one of the Sunday blog hops. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Amanda @

Marianne said...

I am so agreeing you on music on blogs. I keep jumping in unpleasant surprise every time I find one with music. And then I turn the sound of off my computer, so when my mom calls me then I can't hear it and I miss her skype call to me. Really annoying.
Thank you for great links.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I saw you on Swinging by Sunday and decided to follow. Looks like a great blog. Hop over and say Hi if you get a chance

I'm a homeschooling mom too, can't wait to see more on your blog!

Guiding Light said...

Hi! Stopping by from the UBP and now following you. Blessings!

Sarah (Blog Guidebook) Bradford said...

Jaqueline, thanks for visiting the other day! And thanks for the shout out! We added your button to the Blog Guidebook too under the Just Life category.


MissMOE said...

Great post. I'm a new follower from the UBP!

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