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Hi Everyone! I would like you guys to meet  Jennifer McLennan. 

Lets jump right in What is Your blog name?
My Blog is called: What’s On My Mind

What’s your blog about?
I blog about life as a work at home mom, grandmother, life in general, health, living green, motivation and so much more.........

What inspires you to blog?
Life in general inspires me to blog. Sometimes it’s my kids, sometimes it’s my work, sometimes is something that going on in the news. It really all depends what is happening in my life at the time. If I feel inspired about something I blog about it. Motivation or adding value to others is my passion, and I love blogging about that.

What could you do all day everyday and twice on Sunday?
First of all I love to spend time with my family, but even we all need a break from each other from time to time so I would have to say  my home business. I wake up every day, happy in what I am doing.

What is your story in one paragraph or less?
My name is Jennifer McLennan, but everyone calls me Jen.   I am married to my soul mate Rob.  Together we have a blended family with five children.  We have the three youngest still living at home. The two oldest have made us proud grandparents last year with two gorgeous grandsons, and we are expecting another grandchild in the summer. We love life, and our life is all about family.

Do you have a shop? What do you sell?
No I don’t have a shop, but I have a home business with Internet CEO Moms, my website is: www.WorkAtHomeMomJen.com. We do not sell anything! We are a team of moms all over North America teaming up and helping moms to own their own business and work right from home since 1999! We believe you should not have to choose between quality of life, time with family and earning an income to secure your future. You can have them all! We're on a MISSION to help you have that balance.

Where else can we find you? (Twitter name, FaceBook, Digg, blogfrog etc)
You can find Me On:

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Well that’s a hard one, but I do remember spending a family vacation in a cabin on the beach. I was very young, and don’t remember a lot of detail, but do remember it was a lot of fun for us all.

What is your favourite childhood book?
I know I loved Clifford the Big Red Dog Written by Norman Bridwell

What’s in your player?
On my IPod you would find a mix of Country and Rock!

What are your top 3 favourite blogs?
Wow that is a hard one; there are so many great blogs out there! I hate to answer this one, because I might forget someone that just not coming to mind right now.  Well I don’t know if they are my Top 3, but they are definitely 3 of my favourites:

 What are your top 3 favourite Foods?
My favourite top three foods are Chicken Chow Mein, lobster, and shrimp.

What is the most interesting or odd thing about you?
Well I don’t know how interesting I am or anything that’s considered odd. I’m sure that question would be bettered answered by my husband or close family member. Although most people would never know that I suffer from depression, because I’m such a positive person. When I have shared that information with people they are usually quite shocked.

What is your solution to a bad day?
Honestly if I have had a bad day, I turn off my computer and spend some quality time with my family. My kids always put a smile on my face!

Anything else you want us to know.
Besides my family being everything to me, I am also an animal lover. I would be a terrible farmer, because all the animals would end up being my pets.  I have two dogs that are my babies. Angel, a Lab X age: 8 and Sasha a Siberian Husky, age: 3. Those dogs are a true part of the family, and give me great joy. We don’t plan on trips that last longer than a day unless the dogs can come with us. I will not put them in a kennel; it’s just too stressful on them. We will do our travelling when everyone is out of the nest and the dogs pass on. For now we spend lots of our time in the summer at our Trailer on the lake, the whole family loves it, including the dogs!

Doesn't her family just seem awesome! Thanks for sharing her Chez Mukweto!
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