Shooting with a Rebel


I've really really wanted a new camera for a while. You know the really cool ones that make pictures look touchable.
The ones 'real' photographers use...Yea one of those!
I didn't get one, but a friend of mine let me play around with her Canon Rebel for a few days and these are a few of the pictures I took. ( My header picture is also one of them). I had so much  fun! I wish I would have finished at least one of my many crochet projects, so I could have taken pictures of them. The bright colors would have really popped with this camera. There is nothing like a sharp picture of colorful yarn goodness! Anyhow....
I can't buy a Canon yet but I entered a few giveaways to win one! Maybe just maybe..... I will win. ^_^

If you are interested:
Tip Junkie giveaway go HERE.
Simple Mom giveaway go HERE.

What are you taking pictures with?

Till Next Time,


Fara said...

Hi following from Wednesday Hop of Haute Mom
cute blog!

Ava said...


Thanks for stopping by Retro Housewife: The Remix

Ashley said...

Aww your blog is so cute! Glad I found it! I think we have much in common, I am just as messy, I mean CREATIVE as you say! My husband also is obsessed with, mostly football, and the Dan Patrick show! Your children are gorgeous!! Thanks for linkin up! I am following:)

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