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Hello Everyone!
Today is a wonderful day full of great potential and wonderful new blog friends.
I want to introduce you to Jacqui .... (cute name ^_^) 
here is goes.....


What is your story in one paragraph or less. 
I grew up in a wonderful Christian family. one sister. crafty since birth. love to read.  public high school. good student. Christian college. struggled with depression. met brandon. fell in love. graduated. married. year in camp ministry graduate program. unemployment. terrible job. crafty business. puppy. moved to the woods. new jobs. God is faithful.

He is indeed!

What is your blog name? 
Craftee mcgee's: a little bit of everything

Whats your blog about? 
 my blog is about my wonderful life with my hubby &; pup in the northwoods of WI and all of my 'craftee' pursuits!

what inspires you to blog?
life! i am inspired by everything: my pup, nature, the people in my life. often i'm blogging about a current project that has taken over our home! 

What could you do all day everyday and twice on Sunday?
eat chocolate? for real though? sit & drink coffee with my hubby. we don't get enough time to just sit & be together!

Do you have a shop? What do you sell?
 yes! jewelry and accessories created from both new and repurposed items. i love to find broken or neglected jewelry and give it a new life! i also love doing custom orders- i recently created a fabric flower belt for a bride. it was so rewarding to see pictures of her wearing it on her wedding day! stop by and visit!

The wire rings are super cute! 

Where else can we find you? (twitter name , face book, blogfrog etc)

What is your favorite childhood memory?
our yearly summer vacation to door county, wi. we spent a week in a cabin every year and i loved everything about it: being together, dad wasn't at work, learning to golf &; sail, swimming, riding bikes, buying glass animals, eating cherry pie! 

What is your favorite childhood book?
Heidi by Johanna Spyri. and also the little golden book 10 Items or Less! 

Whats in your player?
currently listening to the 60s, 70s, & 80s hits station on Pandora. LOVE it! i can also be found listening to remakes of old hymns, bon iver & brad paisley :)

What are your top 3 favorite blogs?
right now i love reading :  
no. 17 cherry tree lane! they are all wonderful, kind, inspiring women!

What is the most interesting or odd thing about you?
maybe not interesting or odd but right now our dog is our baby. she hugs me when i get home, sleeps under the covers, sits next to me while i work and will come put a paw on my lap if she doesn't receive enough attention! love that dog :) 

What is your solution to a bad day?
dark chocolate. coffee. Scripture (Lamentations 3:22-23). snuggle time with Brandon and the pup!


Thank you Jacqui for sharing with us especially the wonderful verse.
God's word... a steadfast, tested, true source for encouragement, forgiveness, and wisdom.


Posie Patchwork said...

What a sweet insight into her life. I met & married my teen love from University, highly recommend it, sure i've missed out on a whole lot of heart break & tears by finding love so early. Love Posie

Arlee Bird said...

Jacqueline -- So happy that you've joined us in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I think you will find it to be fun and rewarding.
I am a new follower to your site.

Tossing It Out

Clara said...

It is always fun to read about other bloggers and what inspires them.

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