I've become My Mother


 Kelly Lininger Welcome to Chez Mukweto!

                                              Kelly's my mom and dad on the day they married...

Kelly thanks for sharing with us a little about yourself. To begin what is your blog name? I've Become My Mother

For the most part what is your blog about? 
The ups and downs of being a mom to two teenage girls and trying to run a business from home


What inspires you to blog? 
I started blogging to help me to be accountable when I started the Love Dare to save my marriage.  I wrote about my challenges in my marriage and "dares" I needed to accomplish.. After blogging for 40 days - I found that I truly loved to write and read other blogs.

What could you do all day everyday and twice on sunday?  
That's a tough question.. I get distracted very easily and have a hard time doing anything for a long period of time..  I do love massages - and I pretty sure I could handle getting one every day - It completely relaxes me and on Sunday - I would add on a facial.

What is the short version of your story?  
I will be celebrating 22 years of marriage this coming Friday.  I have two beautiful, smart, and talented teenage daughters.  I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years.  I started my own business from home right after my oldest daughter was born.  I am a follower of Christ and He defines my life.

Congrats! Thats incredible!

Do you have a shop? What do you sell?
 I do not have a store but I do shop in the numerous blogger stores.

Where else can we find you? (twitter name , facebook, Digg, blogfrog etc)  
I believe I can be followed on twitter - Kelly's Ideas

What is your favorite childhood memory? 
My parents surprised me and a friend and took us to Disneyland.. It's still a favorite place of mine - I am a season pass holder and my daughters and I enjoy going often.

what is your favorite childhood book? 
Dr Seuss.. "Are you my mother?"

Whats in your player? 
 I don't use a CD player but I do use Pandora - my channels are James Taylor, Carole King, The Stones, and anything 80's

What are your top 3 favorite blogs?foods?
 Favorite blog - The Pioneer Woman, $5 dinners, and Mari's 365 days. 
 Favorite food - Anything chocolate, anything cheesy, and anything covered in teriyaki

What is the most interesting or odd thing about you?
  This is tough.. I'm very much an introvert - people are generally surprised by this... I am very shy and when I speak to groups of people - I practice in front of a mirror first and then  I use lots and lots of dialogue cards... 

What is your solution to a bad day? 
 I go to bed early with a big spoon and container of cream cheese frosting - thankfully there are very few bad days..
Anything else you want us to know. 
 I write two other blogs called Kelly's Ideas and Amazing Salvation...  I am very honored to be featured in your blog..
Thank you Kelly for sharing your blog with us.  It is my privilege and honor to have you as a follower of Chez Mukweto.

Take the time to Visit Kelly's blog I think you will be inspired!


Mari said...

Hi Jaqueline! Kelly is a pretty amazing lady and I'm glad you featured her!

Kelly L said...

Thank you Jacqueline!
I've Become My Mother

Sassy Sites! said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Thanks for linking up at our Sassy Sites NEW friend party! It's so fun to meet lots new blog friends! I'm excited to be a follower of your cute blog now too! xoxo

Marni @ Sassy Sites!

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