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I am excited to introduce you to Katie from You Brew My Tea.

Welcome Katie!

So, Whats your blog about?

A little bit of everything.  I recently decided I wanted to focus more on family things - good things in my life to be posted there.  Writing more creatively and of course I share a lot about coupons and great deals I find and how I got a ton of candy at Walgreens for only $1 :-)  I talk a lot about my son and my Beau.  

What inspires you to blog?

All of the above!  My Beau...great deals when shopping...stupid people and my ex who still drives me crazy.  Depends on what day it is, what time it is and who I last spoke to! 

What could you do all day everyday and twice on Sunday?

Eat Chinese with my loves and snuggle watching a good movie or reading a good book.  I just like a lot of things - no one thing is above the others. 

What is your story in one paragraph or less.

I'm a preachers daughter who chose her own way, made a lot of mistakes (still making and overcoming them) and who has a long way to go.  I love Jesus deeply...but I often forget to look to him for guidance...and even more often forget how much he loves me.  I discovered how you don't have to carry a child within your womb to love them like you did.  I'm the stepmom who is no longer the stepmom but still wants to have my kids every other weekend.  I didn't divorce them..I divorced their dad.  I'm madly in love...happily learning lessons daily and working very hard to not let anger and bitterness overcome the good things in my life.  Oh...and I'm a closet writer who wants to be the next Food Network Star AND who is TOTALLY on Team Jacob not Team Edward. :-)

Do you have a shop? What do you sell?

No shop yet.  Working on merchandise to put in an Etsy shop.  Hope to have open and stocked by summer.

where else can we find you? (twitter name , facebook, Digg, blogfrog etc)

Blogfrog and @Myblogtrifecta on twitter
What is your favorite childhood memory? 

Coming home after school to my moms hamburgers all toasted on wheat bread with mustard and ketchup and american cheese wrapped and waiting on the stove to be eaten!

what is your favorite childhood book?

I read all of the Little House books at least 100 times - no  one in particular is fave - the whole series!

Whats in your player?-- 

Nothing at the moment..still unpacking from moving last October.  Pandora radio most of the time.  Generally speaking either Contemporary Christian or Classic Rock

What are your top 3 favorite blogs?foods?

The Frugal Free Gal is one of my favorites to visit - she's really cool lady to get to know and she always has ALL the deals posted
The Blog O'Cheese would be next in line.  He's just absolutely hilarious!  One of my all time favorites to visit because he always makes me smile
Lemonade Makin Mama would be there too...she is beautiful inside and out and her blog is like walking into a soothing room and being served a perfectly warmed cup of tea.

Mac and Cheese
And those burgers ^^ I mentioned that my mom use to make

What is the most interesting or odd thing about you?

I'm very technically inclined.  I've worked in all sorts of fields and retain pretty much anything I come across.  I know medications and medical conditions like the back of my hand...I know basic accounting practices and tons of IRS rules and practices and I can take apart your laptop and put it back together while blindfolded.  Okay...maybe not blindfolded...but certainly capable of doing it!  

What is your solution to a bad day?Throwing a tantrum, crying and eating chocolate.  My Beau's hugs are the best and a good viewing of Pretty Woman or Steel Magnolias always puts things in perspective.  But a lot of prayer in there generally does the trick. 

Prayer and Chocolate! Amen to that! and what a great gift you have to retain almost anything!
Thanks Katie for being here and sharing with us. Be sure to visit Katie and enjoy!

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