Silly Kids


Here is a funny little story to hopefully bring a little laughter to your day.
The other day I was in my craft room cleaning or something
 I don't remember and little miss Lael age 4 comes in  and says,

"mom! God knit me in your room"

Me: what? what are you talking about?

Lael: You know the bible says, God created my being and he knit me in my mothers room!

Me: (holding back laughter) OOO ok you mean he knit you  in my WWWW WOMB.. ( pointing to my belly)

Lael: right mommy your room!  (then she pauses and thinks) and.. your the house?

Me: No, I'm not a house. but this is my womb.

Lael: ( she has that look like she finally gets it) O! he knit me in your CRAFT room!        
 ( and she cheerfully skips away )

Lael version of Psalms 139:13
"God created my being and Knit me in my mothers ROOM"

NIV Psalms 139:13
" For you created my inmost being; 
   you knit me together in my mother’s WOMB."

Have a great day.


jacqui said...

absolutely precious! that brought a smile to my face!
{and i'm glad you like your ring!}

jacqui said...

absolutely precious! brought a smile to my face tonight!
{glad you love your ring!}

Suertemom said...

I love it! That's so cute and funny!

Russanna said...

Such a great story!

Anonymous said...

That's really cute! :)

Mama Lusco said...

Love it! Kids say the cutest things :) It's so funny to hear their interpretations. My 3 year-old says "gaymen" instead of 'amen' after prayers :)

Clara said...

I'm sure you will remember this story always. You can tell that over and over and make everyone smile!

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