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Granny Square baby blanket

I made my own Hang tags. 
I used:
Card stock 
Yarn and/ or safety pins
hole punch
small cup
For the circle tags I traced a cup, cut out the circle, punched a hole in it and done. I used the yarn to tie the tags to the item. For some Items the safety pin works better. For the square tags you cut the paper into long strips, then cut the strips to make squares or rectangles, punch a whole in them and your done. The only thing I would do differently is print the information on them before cutting. But I don't mind doing a little hand writing.

Make today a great day!


Lisa said...

Very cute! I definitely want to do this for my next craft show. Right now I have little signs, but it's hard to tell which goes with which products.

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

Nice tags! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Love yours!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying forever to pick up on crocheting..my aunt has TRIED to teach me countless times!

Clara said...

Thanks for all of the info. on today and your former posts. Very helpful.

Brandi said...

WOW! you are seriously talented! Your blanket is beautiful. I love your ideas for the tags too!

BumbleBri said...

I love these colors. I am always on the look out for granny stripe ideas for little boys that don't just have blue...white....and more blue!

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