I have to say summer was great but I don't really miss it.
I am enjoying this cool fall weather and the shades of orange on the trees.
One of my favorite fall activities is pulling out and purchasing yarn
to begin a new season of crochet madness!!!! 

This year I am trying something completely new to me! 
That's right, I am branching out!
 In December I am going to be in a Craft show  Bizarre kind of thing.
 I'm extremely nervous  And would like your help.
 If you have ever  been a part of, or attended a craft show I need some advice. 
What are some do and don'ts? 
What should be on my checklist? 
Should I have signs? How many? How bright or muted? 
Any tips would be great and very much appreciated. 
So far I have made hats, scarfs, Hair accessories and baby items.
 I also decided to make a few these little makeup/coin purses.

These are a few colors I have made so far. Any other color suggestions?

This hopefully gives you an idea of how big they are.

I used a crochet puff stitch for the outside of the bag.

 Let me know what craft show advice you have and crochet Items you have seen sell well.   Thank you in advance. 

Sparkle Peta has a great tutorial on how to make these in case any of you would like to try. I did a few things differently but the tutorial is great.

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Russanna said...

Where is the craft show? Good luck, friend!

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous in the puff stitch! I was thinking myself that I want to make some that aren't rainbows, but I hadn't thought about different stitches - so thanks for the inspiration in return :)

I hope you do well at the craft sale, I don't have much experience at selling, but as a buyer I'd say I'm much more comfortable to browse and maybe go on to make purchases when the seller is chatty and smiling and talking about how the items were made - rather than being silent and grumpy like some I've seen!!

SparklePetal x

Kym said...

These are really cute!
Never done a craft show im afraid, so cant help there, but good luck!
x K

marlene rodrigues said...

I love these little makeup/coin purses!
I think you can sell them because they are very useful. And another color? maybe orange or brown...
And good work!


emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

I love your coin purses, they are so unique, I haven't really seen anything like them before! I love the blue!

I do not necessarily have any practical advice per se, but I did just sell at my first festival this past weekend and I did learn a few things. I blogged about it this week, stop by and take a look if you have a minute....

Best of luck at your show this weekend...don't forget to have FUN!

mamabyrd said...

I think the product speaks for itself. Super fun, usable and hip. Good luck.

A Simple Thing said...

I really, really, love the purses and I really hope the craft show goes well!

Plus, I agree with emilyc - have fun!

I know one seller who took some things for her to do, so that she wouldn't look bored/overeager for customers, if you want to give it a try?

Sachiko said...

Those are so pretty. Very unique and fun.

Ariana said...

These are amazing! God has gifted you. Keep up the good work, I'm proud of you :)
Some color suggestions: Orange and Purple
Sorry that I don't have any advice for the craft show but I know you'll do great.

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