When rains it pours


This was one of those weeks. It started out just fine. The kids and I had a field trip planned to the Apple orchard, My husband was going away for his birthday  (he promised to stop by the garment district in NYC for me). So I was looking forward to all these wonderful events. Then all of a sudden......
Everything goes wrong at the same time.

1.My husband lost his wallet.  
2. On the way home from the apple orchard my "reliable" Honda shuts down.
3. My phone  stops working. So I could not call for help with all four kids in the car hungry and full of questions.
4. My computer is frozen and unresponsive. (and yes I turned it on and off again).

The car eventually starts to roll so I make to a Honda dealer that was just around the corner. They said the Van needed a bunch of repairs. Great!
 That night while we were just thinking and laughing at it all. The doorbell rang. Some guys kids found my husbands wallet and he was returning it.
At least now he can go on his trip.
Now the car....
Well the following day me and the kids were all waiting for my husband to take care of car stuff and my 6 year old son prays this prayer.
God, if you want us to keep this car. Thank you.
If you want us to have a new car. Thank you.
   Long story short.....
1.We had to get a new van. 
2.The kids now know that an apple a day can keep hungry at bay. 
3.My husband Didn't miss his NYC birthday weekend. 
4.I will be getting some new fabric. 
5.My phone is still a mess and My computer is still useless. but that's okay.

My six year old had the best perspective.
No matter what. God we Thank you.


Mary said...

Awww, happy ending to some tough times!

Anonymous said...

wow, I was completely unaware that you were having such an overwhelming weekend!! It's amazing, God works in miraculous ways!!!
Sigh*--Ethan, couldn't have said it better nephew!

Gio said...

Hi Jacquie,
I found the pattern in this blog:


Here is the pattern:



varenia said...

aw, i'm loving your blog! your 6 yr. old DOES have the best perspective :)... do you have 2 boys and 2 girls, too? That's what we have, and yes, it does seem like the van only breaks down at the same time hubby loses his wallet and all of the kids are hungry in the backseat! (seriously. almost this exact scenario happened to us a couple weeks ago!) thanks for sharing!

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