National Sewing Month


I learned something new the other day. 
I read that  September is National Sewing Month. 
In 1982 President Regan Declared it to be so. How Cool!

If you sew or want to start sewing. This is the time to get in on some sewing action! You can go hereherehere and here and join the fun. 
I will be a participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge next week. 

We will all be sewing for at least one hour each day  making clothes for our children. 

For me it's going to be a week of fun filled late nights! 
Since I heart challenges, I am looking forward to it. 

Anyone want to join in? or just cheer me on? 

Let me know leave a comment. 
Come back and see what I will be working on.

Till then here is a thought ...

Be too brave to lie and too generous to cheat.

Make today a great day!


SS Firedancer said...

I'm Cheering you on girlfriend. I will have you in my prayers and be thinking about you with fond thought of my loving mother who is now in glory nearly 5years now. I may also join you as in the pursuit of sewing but not the kid thing. I will working on costumes for December the 4th as my husband and I will be renewing our vows and celebrating the Jubilee year of the Lord when all the debts were cancelled. The Theme is going to be anything 50's or royal attire.I have to start working on our costumes from now as I know that if I don't we will not be ready.
Blessings, can't wait to see your creations, Firedancer

SS Firedancer said...

my eamail

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